My family thinks I’m crazy. Not Jack Nicholson-Shining crazy, but crazy nonetheless. I love Halloween and spend most of the year thinking of ways to make our home and yard as spooky as all get-out to celebrate the best season of all.

I don’t do gore. I’m more interested in ghosts, skeletons, spooky ethereal moods and the unknown beyond to set the scene. That’s not to say a tastefully severed head on a tarnished silver platter isn’t the cat’s pajamas, but gore for gore’s sake and shock value aren’t what this blog is about.

Halloween is the best holiday because there’s no guilt, no exchanges for “I don’t like it” or “It’s the wrong size”. It’s the best season because you get to eat candy and popcorn, watch “The Shining”, “The Birds” and “The Others” and set the spookiest mood with candles, skeletons, ghosts and sound effects with no regrets. I hope you enjoy  my blog and celebrate Halloween and all the scary fun it has to offer. Happy haunting!


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